Saturday, December 21, 2013

Amazing sculptures

Amazing sculptures by Park Seung Mo. They made of aluminium wire.


                                                             Working process on youtube

Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY eco-friendly project

What we're going to make.
Let me show you fist the final picture

Ta-dam! A pair of cute earrings.  

So, we'll need:
an iron
a candle and marches
one sheet of white office paper
one white plastic bag (from the nearest supermarket)
some beads
scissors, thread and a needle
earring hooks and bases for flowers ( flat beads, buttons, bead caps)
and 20 minutes time

We'll make flowers from our plastic bag. First,let's make "plastic paper".
Cut out white parts (from both sides of the bag), fold them together

and then in half, and ones more fold them in half (8 layers)

Fold in half the office paper and put inside our plastic sheet. Take an iron, set it up on "polyester"  and iron our "sandwich". Make sure, you cover plastic sheet with paper completely, or it will steak to your iron! Make the iron moving for couple of seconds, check out if all plastic layers have fused. Don't over do it! This is what you'll get

Draw a simple flower-form on our plastic paper ( I used 4 flower shapes), cut out them

Cut between petals toward the middle

Now we'll use a candle. Be careful, the material is highly flammable 
Heat each petal separately, just a few seconds , and form shapes you want

Repeat this with all flowers.

Now we have to stitch every two forms together 

Final touches. Embellish with beads.

The flowers are ready, now you can make a pair of earrings with them.
Glue them on bases, glue gun works well, and hang on hooks. I added beads on chains.


P.S. This is my old project - jewelry case, decorated with plastic flowers.

All the best!